Finisher 70.3 Vietnam le 08/05/16

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Spokes broken during the race!
Yes i did It!
Finisher 70.3 Vietnam frustrated. After a careful swimming without wetsuit and dotted with jellyfish I get out well of water 35' (200/1200) and 15th in my age group.
A Long transition 800m, I took my Cannondale bike slice for my 90k to go.
I was riding really well at 36 km / h average up to 51 km when my spoken of my rear wheel broke.
I took 20' to repair but I had the brake pads were still froter on my wheel. The last 40 km were very difficult because I could not change gears and I was on the small plate.
Therefore I leave my bike at 2h52 about 31.5km/h average.
So the running was also difficult, and I couldn't have expressed myself as training.
I picked a slot that will be for next time.



Monday 18th, 2016 Stage 2 -112 K - Hua HIN - Prachuap Khiri khan

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After a splendid breakfast we drive the first 13 km on the main road, and then continue on very nice, variety rich rural roads.
Plenty of shrimp farms shape the country side. We cross the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and rolling towards the sleepy town of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Along the seaside promenade, we ride to our Hotel which is located directly by the sea. Very close by, you’ll find a beautiful Buddhist temple with many monkeys on a hillock.
Running training with Jurgen on the waterside promenade. In the evening we enjoy plenty of fine local specialities.

After a little Break at 62 K, a short but necessary with the sun is always we taken all ice coffee, coca cola, banana ( money foods).
the first part we ride at about 30.5km/H.
the second part Jurgen propose with Martin to have Two group.
Camille and i decide to cath up the group with ride at 33.5k/H at th end is was hard with the wind. I was strong today and now drop for me.
As soon as arrival at the Hotel in front o the pier we have a 5K run, it was good at 5'15"/K, it was hard and strong and i did it with the big sun.

Now a good recovery! and discovering for an another time this little town with a Great Smoothie.



Stage 1: Bangkok – Phetchaburi – Hua Hin

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Here we go ! GO

Between Sunday 17TH to 25TH

Stunning journey along the coast from the City of Angels to the Pearl of the Andaman Sea. 10 days, 9 nights, 8 stages from 72 km - 140 km (44 – 86 miles), mostly flat. Total = 830 km

This warm weather training tour for triathletes and sportive road cycling enthusiasts will be conducted by Siam Bike Tours with Ironman legend and triathlon trainer Jurgen Zack.

Bangkok – Phetchaburi – Hua Hin = 73 km, flat.
After a great Breakfast at the Majestic Hotel, we are on the Road for our first stage.
All were Good and we ride about 29 km/h. it’s a sunny day and the road at the firt part a lot a of traffic.

Tomorow stage 2 :
Hua Hin – Prachuap Khiri Khan = 111 km, flat - running training at the waterside promenade - lecture on training and nutrition at the evening.



My Come back

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2015 ended with goals not achieved. Indeed I was ill from January to March 2015. 
Yep ! whooping-cough and I saw the end of the tunnel towards the month of June, I start all of my activities slowly. The real recovery was in July 20, 2015 still(?) with my Coach Guy Hemmerlin Endurance training concept.

To start the year properly, I decided to begin my training in the Thailand Training Camp for three weeks with my friend Jürgen Zack.
Why that choice ? I need to regain my balance and sporty power. To do so I train myself , 2 or 3 workouts per day with the best amateur and professional who follow Jürgen’s training program. Who by the way, is still the leader in the training/workout/… area here in Thailand.

Arrival December 31, 2015 in Phuket, resumed workouts accompanied by Camille of course. Homecoming knowledge, friends are here. Especially our friends met 3 years ago and with whom we had stayed in contact Olivier Baillet, Anne Lavandon and their childrens.
It was so fun! We spent four days together training, taking our time to enjoy what was all around us. We were Really just happy to meet again. And not forgetting Sue Thornley.

My training went well: 22 hrs per week, wake up at 5 am in order to swim whereas in the swimming pool or in the sea, or to bike (fast and slow group group),

The weather in January is really perfect, especially for us who leave in Reunion Island. it's much like our climate.

Moreover Camille and I, love the different road trips that take place after each training camp.
For the 3rd time, we are about to ride From Bangkok to Phuket! The distance between the 2 cities is around 850 km ! and probably we will on for 1000 with extra loops. It is still challenging to do this with only our bikes !

The pertularity difficulty of this road trip is that we run after biking and in the evening we swim in the sea (or in the swimming pool) depending on where we stay. We will reach almost 30hrs of workouts per week.
Some will say that we are all fools.. But this is what we enjoy ! I feel so lucky because Camille and I are in symbiosis in our married life and sports.

At the end of this journey I would choose my race. probably Ironman 70.3 in May and one again in June to feel well before this tour. 2017 to be able to retry again on a Full Ironman.
That’s a distance that i love.

Finally, I would like to thank not quite my sparring partner loved and Camille.
I thank Guy Hemmerlin whose/for all of his advice and support that were always very constructive and his progressive plans that/which allowed me to be ready for this training camp. 

Finally I would like to thank all people and compagny to help me for some is now historical Usual and for whom I have a special affection.
Thanks also Cannondale and Cyclozone Réunion

And thank you to my children for all their support.



the three element 70.3 Buss

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More than five days before battle for Triathlon festival.
I chose to start this year by 70.3 formula , I would be back Australian ground this time in Busselton, the information I have, " it's going to go fast ."
For myself, I had a regular training with a more qualitative preparation and I a decrease of approximately 2 hours per week .
I have taken regularly since January 1st, 2014. I would have my 16 weeks. My Wife and me started in the month of January, by crossing Thailand : Bangkok – Phuket, Bike ( 1000km ) and also work out during 9 days and we stayed a few days at the center of Thanyapura in Phuket refine the preparation.
This year is pretty special I would not do for my Full schedule is very busy : work and some personal projects important.
However, Probably be on the Indian Ocean Triathlon in Mauritius in November for the second part of the year to find my pots partners and sponsors. This year has been a very tough year in aid of sponsors to be able to put some international races so I can raise my level.
I don’t know yet BUSSO ( Busselton ) and 2km long pier at sea, I have a preview soon , a taste before making the choice for the 2015 IRONMAN FULL .
I am hurry to feel with three elements and know where I am.


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